Project Development

We engage in a project development activity on following basis:

  • The concept supports resource efficiency and/or clean energy production, which is suitable to conditions and requirements at target location
  • A feasible business case can be made on pre-assessment of target project (economic feasibility)
  • The project involves validated technologies and established EPC partners
  • The project involves a motivated and capable local partner
  • A project development joint venture on basis of SPV or Consortium Agreement is being capitalized
  • There is indication of capital interest to finance a bankable project
  • There is indication of support from public entities for scope of their involvement (if required)
  • A legal framework is available which secures investment of capital and enforceability of contracts
  • Political and country risk is not a concern or can be mitigated by assessment of joint venture team


It is essential, that every step of the project development is structured into the joint venture agreement, milestones are defined and can be achieved in a reasonable time frame.

Project Development, Implementation and Operations
1. Sourcing & Formation of JV/Consortium
  • Framework of project is established with local partner (Sourcing)
  • Technology & EPC partner is established
  • Business case is validated on pre-feasibility basis
  • Project  development JV, budget and milestones are established
  • JV (SPV or consortium) Is capitalized
2. Feasibility, Permits and Contracts
  • Technical and financial feasibility is completed
  • Technical designs are completed
  • Permits, licenses are secured, public/legal requirements are fulfilled
  • Supply and off-take contracts are secured
  • Indication of interest from capital partners is obtained
  • Requirements of financing partners are integrated early on
3. Capital Structure
  • Capital partners are identified
  • Suitable financial structure for the project is finalized
  • Capital/financing partners are supported in required legal, technical and financial due diligence
  • Transaction is conducted to achieve financial closing/capital subscription
4. Implementation
  • Signing of EPC contracts (Engineering, Procurement, Construction)
  • EPC partners start with plant construction
  • Local partners perform civil works
  • Local partner or general contractor is engaged for coordination of all parties
5. Operations and Maintenance
  • Depending on JV preferences, options for plant operations are
  • Operator = technology partner
  • Operator = Local partner
  • O&M partner  = third party