5e advisory

If you seek assistance in the below areas, and are interested in engaging an advisory team to help you achieve your goal, we look forward to hearing from you to see if we can help. We define a strategy for our cooperation, set clear milestones, assemble a project team as your dedicated resources to achieve your goals and deliver results in the most efficient and professional manner. See also five elements advisory.

  • Are you seeking assistance with the financing of your business or project ?
  • We provide project finance and corporate finance advisory services to industry partners, developers, businesses and entrepreneurs within our focus areas.
  • We develop a suitable capital strategy for you, and execute your transaction.
  • Please view following considerations on capital strategy for
    • project finance
    • project developments
    • corporate finance
    • philanthropy
  • Do you have a business or technology in our focus areas and seek to expand it ?
  • We can assist you to enter new markets, develop projects, find new clients, expand your business with new joint ventures within our regional focus.

Are you seeking a technology provider and/or solution for your business or project ? We have a wide network of technology providers, and can share reference projects in our focus topics, and can offer recommendations and source a suitable solution and provider for you.

  • Are you considering a specific investment in our focus areas, and seek support in the due diligence ? Or are you a capital provider interested in qualified deal-flow ?
  • Through our network of reliable cooperation partners, we are able to provide deal flow of qualified investment opportunities within our industry and regional focus. We can also assist you in your due diligence, advise on project finance de-risking, and assist in structuring and executing your investment transaction.
  • What is the eco-impact of your product or project ? Do you have a company, product or project which provides an environmental benefit which you would like to communicate in a scientifically substantiated manner ? Positioning your project, company or product with an environmental claim requires careful formulation and validation of that claim. Our expert advisors will
    • select accredited standards and certifying entities most suitable for your industry;
    • select and cooperate with LCA consultants to establish a professional Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) incl. Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of your project or product;
    • cooperate with selected certifying entities to obtain your industry-relevant certifications;
    • conduct a deeper EIA – Environmental Impact Analysis of your raw material (if any) based on published scientific evidence on the raw materials used (complete review/analysis on all relevant published data on best practice basis); note that this is usually not part of an LCA.
    • and finally derive from all above elements a conclusory Eco-Impact (or Environmental Footprint) Communication Plan for your product or project.