Sabine Nowak
Managing Partner & Project Consultant
Expertise: Project and Corporate Finance, Capital Strategies, Project Development, Clean Energy, Waste-to-Value, Private Equity
Regions: Europe, South-South East Asia
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Umesh Chandra
Partner & Project Consultant

Expertise: Energy & Utility Infrastructure, Green/Clean Energy-Technologies, Project Development Financial Services, Project Finance
Region: South-South East Asia, Middle East

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Dipl. Ing. Lukas David Jahja
PT Mitramatra Euronesia Teknologi(MET)
Associate Partner – Indonesia

Expertise: Business & Project Development Indonesia, Renewable Energy, Geospatial Technology, Waste to Energy
Regions: Indonesia
Cooperation: Project Sourcing, Market Entry, Project & Business Development, Transactions
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Alain Schilli
Advisor & Project Consultant
Expertise: Business Development Environmental Finance, Impact Investments, Renewable Energy
Water, Carbon Asset & Liabilities
Regions: Europe & Emerging Markets
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Jörg Domrös
Advisor& Project Consultant
Expertise: Expertise: Resource and Energy Recovery from Waste, Environment, Renewables, Project & Business Development, Project Finance
: Singapore, South-& SE Asia, Australasia
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Marcel Goetsch
SMC Corporate Finance GmbH
Associate Partner – CH

Expertise: Corporate Finance, M&A, International Business Developmentand Operations
Region: Switzerland
Cooperation: M&A, Corporate Finance, Capital Strategies, Environment
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Peter Wild
Beryll Swiss Family Office Advisory
Associate Partner – CH

Expertise: Governance, Risk Management, Trading, Treasury Management, Investment Structures
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Amedeo Vaccani
A. Vaccani & Partners AG
Associate Partner – CH

Expertise: Sustainability and Waste, Strategy Development and Implementation, M&A, Technology Region: Switzerland, Europe, Asia, Japan
Cooperation: M&A, Business Development, Industry Expertise, Waste Management
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Prashant Maniar
Encito Advisors
Associate Partner – India

Expertise: Expertise: India Market Entry Energy, Environment, Private Equity Syndication, M&A, Joint Ventures, Project Finance
: India
Cooperation: Project Sourcing, Market Entry, Project & Business Development, Transactions
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Bertrand Courcelle
WheigSAS, WheigAsia Ltd.
Associate Partner – Thailand
Expertise: Energy from Waste
EPC and O&M, Project Development, Biogas, Fertilizer, Thermal Waste Conversion
Regions: Thailand
Cooperation: Project Sourcing, Market Entry, Project & Business Development, Transactions
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Nirosh De Silva
HorizonPartners Ltd.
AssociatePartner – SL
Expertise: Sri Lanka Business Development, Public/Private Relationship Management, Corporate Finance
Region: Sri Lanka
Cooperation: Project Sourcing, Market Entry, Project & Business Development, Transactions
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Guna Mahalingam
Strategic Swiss Partners GmbH
Associate Partner – Malaysia

Expertise: Expertise: Middle and Far East Business Development, Joint Ventures, Capital Strategies
Region: Malaysia, Middle East
Cooperation: Market Entry, Business Development
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Katsura Suzuki DBA
Nacre Global Asset Protection (Switzerland)
Advisor & Project Consultant

Expertise: Business Development in Japan, Financial Services, Advisory for Japanese investors, Alternative Investments
Region: Japan, Switzerland, Middle East
Cooperation: Business Development
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Jerry Okoko
Babford & Company
Associate Partner – East Africa

Expertise: East Africa Business and Project Development, Public Private Partnerships, Funding Strategies and Project Finance
Region: Kenya & East Africa
Cooperation: Project Sourcing, Market Entry, Project & Business Development, Transactions
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Chaminda Serasinha
MBA, EngTech, MIET
Advisor and Project Consultant

Expertise: Carbon Footprint Assessment, Climate Change Mitigation, Automotive-, Electrical-and Electromechanical Technology
Region: Sri Lanka, Asia, UK, USA, Europe, Intl.
Cooperation: Carbon footprint  & environmental impact assessments, eco-impact communication plans
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Dipl. Ing. Karl-Heinz Restle
Renergon International AG
Expertise: Anaerobic Digestion Biogas/Biomethane/Biofuel Pre-and Post-Processing, Compost and Fertilizer
Region: Switzerland & International
Cooperation: Technology expertise, co-project developments, business strategies for anaerobic digestion, bio-fertilizer and biochar
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Prof.Kunio. Yoshikawa PhD
EcoMEETSolutions Co. Ltd
Advisor & Project Consultant

Expertise: Decentralized Resource Efficiency Solutions Hydrothermal Treatment Pyrolysis ERCM, Dry BDF
Cooperation: Thermal Conversion Technologies
Environmental Engineering
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Eric Künzi Lic. Iur.
VujadeLaw, Switzerland
Legal Counsel

Expertise: Corporate Law Contract Law, Start-up Support, Incubation, Private Equity, Investment Strategies
Region: Switzerland
Cooperation: Legal counsel for corporate and project matters, start-up & VC funding structures
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