Bertrand Courcelle

Bertrand Courcelle
CEO, Founder
Wheig SAS
France, Chile, Thailand

Expertise: Energy from Waste EPC and O&M
Project Development, Biogas, Fertilizer

Network: France, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, New Caledonia

  • Current: Founder and CEO, Wheig SAS, founded 2013 to bring sustainable waste solutions to isolated and fragile locations
  • 25 years experience in project management and operation of more than 100 projects; waste-to-energy conversions on five continents, including sourcing, development, financial strategies, EPC and O&M
  • Prior: 2004-2009 Co-Founder and Managing Director, BIONERSIS SA
  • Prior: 2002-2003 Co-founder and Managing Director, VERDESIS SA
  • Prior: 1999 – 2001 EDF – Director Europe, HONEYWELL POWER SYSTEMS – DG Europe
  • Prior: 1986 – 1999 Managing Director, various group subsidaiaries of ELYO GROUP (today COFELY): COFRETH Venezuela, COFRETH South East Asia later ELYO LAND ENER
  • Education: Master in Law (1975 – 1977) – MBA – HEC (1972 – 1975)
  • French citizen, living in Chile