Prof. Kunio. AA. Yoshikawa PhD

Prof. Kunio. AA. Yoshikawa  PhD
EcoMEET Solutions Co. Ltd.

Expertise: Thermal Engineering Decentralized Resource Efficiency Solutions, Hydrothermal Treatment Technology, Pyrolysis ERCM ,Dry BDF

Network: Japan, Vietnam, Korea, China,  Indonesia, Philippines, China

  • Field of work and expertise: Energy conversion, thermal engineering, combustion, gasification, waste treatment technologies and atmospheric environmental engineering
  • Current: President, EcoMEET Solutions Co. Ltd (JP)
  • Current: Professor of Department of Environmental Science and Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Best Educator Award of Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2014
  • JSME Environmental Technology Achievement Award in 2006 and the Fellow of JSME in 2008
  • Wrote more than 200 papers. He was awarded the AIAA Best Paper Award in 1999, ASME James Harry Potter Gold Medal in 2001
  • PhD Tokyo Institute of Technology (JP) in 1986
  • Japanese citizen and resident, living in Tokyo