5e investments

five elements capital conducts and manages investments and co-investments in companies and projects within our specified topics either on sole- or club-deal (consortium) basis.

Our primary regional focus is German speaking Europe (DACH). Exceptions can be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. In our evaluation of such investments, we seek:

  • a balanced and manageable risk profile
  • a substantial business case
  • economic feasibility with risk-adequate returns
  • financial sustainable operations at time of investment, or a realistic strategy to achieve financial sustainability within a reasonable period of time
  • demonstration how the project supports the targeted SDG goals, and by which means this contribution is measured


With regards to five elements investments, please view our considerations for capital strategies.

We strongly believe in the value of combined expertise and network, and have cultivated close partnerships to cover different value components of services to our clients on a best practice basis. With regards to capital strategy, if based on screening criteria and/or size of capital requirement we cannot offer a due diligence to evaluate an investment for our own portfolio, we may be able to assist on advisory basis,  and develop an investment strategy with suitable capital partners. We may also recommend a different suitable advisor from our partner network for your project.